“We had an amazing experience buying and building in Canoe Club. Our realtor Kristin and Verkina were amazing. No matter the hour, the question, or the request they addressed it in a timely matter. So many times we were amazed at how well they attended to our needs. As an example; my wife and I ordered a specific baluster for our stairs, when we visited the build site the entire garage was filled with various building supplies yet my wife was able to hone in on a small box which had been delivered by the supplier. This box had the wrong balusters. We had a meeting afterwards with Kristen and she mentioned she had been by the house and the wrong balusters were delivered. She had already addressed the error and had a new set had been ordered. As busy as she is she checks on every home and apparently all the fixtures, simply amazing!!! realize that this is a small detail, but that is an example of how well they attend to your needs and address issues as they come up without input from the buyer.

Our builder was Kevin Becker. Kevin built our home in Canoe Club and we couldn’t be more pleased! He is the most patient, accommodating, and attentive builder we have ever used. His ranch home design was what we were looking for, it’s an amazing floor plan! Unlike other builders he will accommodate your requests as long as he can do so. When we asked him about enlarging the attic to accommodate a theater and half-bath he did so and his plan was amazing! We then asked about a possible workshop, he was able to make that happen. All his sub-contractors do outstanding work and his many years building homes has permitted him to weed through and find the best in all the trades. We recommend him to anyone that asks. Fantastic experience!!!”